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Love chocolate... want to earn some extra money.. then your in the right place!


My Little Wrapper is a brilliant ‘business in a box’ that you can run, part-time, from your own kitchen table.

Here’s how it works: pretty much everyone loves chocolate…but there’s one market that is virtually untapped in the UK. One area that the ‘big boys’ can’t get into…but which you can


I mean, really personalised. With wrappers that are designed with a real ‘WOW’ factor.

Whatever the occasion you can create a wrapper to suit...

You print and wrap the chocolate bars, and also get to do a bit of sales and marketing to ‘unwrap’ your customers.

Your personalised wrappers are unique, personal and affordable – and the market for them is enormous… For starters just think of every family celebration; every birthday party, birth announcements, weddings, anniversary. Then there are occasions such as Easter, Halloween, Christmas, New Year, Prom nights (which are becoming more and more popular in the UK) and  that’s before you even consider the Corporate market or Charity fundraising which is huge as well.

We give you everything you need to build yourself a successful part-time business that you can run from home, in your spare time, and which is very profitable.



My Little Wrapper is a family owned business, based in the Midlands, with Customers throughout the UK... and also several International countries as My Little Wrapper owners have emigrated, but taken their business with them. Here's how it works...

There are three ‘ingredients’:

  • The Chocolate bars
    You can get them from us (they taste delicious) or buy your own. It’s up to you.

  • The Wrappers 
    We’ve got a range of over 70 designs, all commissioned by us. We’ve used some of the experts in the field – including designers who have worked for the likes of Cadbury. We provide you with these wrappers, all pre-printed with space for personalisation. You then ‘over-print’ the personalised message/s using your own colour printer. On most wrappers there is space on both the front and the back for personalisation. It takes seconds to do because of…

  • The My Little Wrapper Software
    Our wrapper designs have a real 'wow' factor...Here’s the science bit! It’s dead easy to use but what it does is make sure that the personalisation text is printed in exactly the right place of each wrapper.
    By using your own colour printer to over-print the personalisation on the pre-printed wrappers you are able to provide real tip quality looking wrappers.

My Little Wrapper was launched in March 2008 and since its launch has made a big impact with well over 500 ‘wrappers’ already on board and enjoying great success, in thie rlocal communities with conatcts made through family, friends and school gate chats.


"This is a truly brilliant business that fits so well alongside my existing business. My sales have mainly  been to existing customers—they all love the wrappers and the chocolate - and  I’ve had several people call me having found my number on the back of the wrapper. It just works really well—and it’s fun."
Simon Bullingham, Gloucestershire

We give you all the training and marketing material you need as part of your Pack. There are no ongoing obligations or license fees – you have full flexibility and complete control, so you can do as much, or as little, as you like.

Find out more...

Watch the video ‘A day in the Life of a ‘My Little Wrapper’ on the video page of the site. It will give you a really good idea of what it is like running this business.

The rest of this Site gives you all the detail you need about the product – and about us - so please have a good browse. Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions, we’ll be happy to answer them for you (we’ll even send you a sample bar of chocolate if you ask nicely!) 


You can email us at mylittlewrapperhq@gmail.com, or call 0121 405 0150 and speak to one of the family members who run this family business.