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Love chocolate... want to earn some extra money.. then your in the right place!


My Little Wrapper is tried, tested and proven - so you can get involved with confidence.

Infact, we're so sure about My Little Wrapper that we provide a unique 'Five-Part' guarantee - including a 100% Money back Guarantee.

Here are the details:

Our Taste Guarantee

Our chocolate is tasty, tasty, very, very tasty – GUARANTEED. We’ve had nothing but compliments on the quality and flavour of our chocolate. To receive a sample bar (UK only) so you can see for yourself just ask and let us have your name, address and postcode via email at mylittlewrapperhq@gmail.com

Our 100% Money Back Guarantee

The My Little Wrapper programme is fully tried, tested and proven. It works. All we ask is that you take the system and USE it for a full 12 months. Providing that you do that we will guarantee that you’ll make all your money back and more – and if you don’t then we’ll pay you back the difference between what you did generate in sales and the cost of the Programme (subject to provision of certified accounts). The only condition is that you must be able to provide evidence that you followed the Programme fully and in particular followed the steps provided in the Marketing Manual, and that you asked for help and acted upon it, if needed. In short, this guarantee is not an excuse for you to avoid your responsibilities – and it’s not valid if you simply change your mind. You have to take action!

Our Service Guarantee

We pride ourselves on our level of service and our efficiency and we guarantee that your orders for wrappers, chocolate, and anything else that you need will be dealt with swiftly, accurately and in a friendly manner.

Our Software Guarantee

We guarantee that our special software to help you produce the wrappers is simplicity itself to use. If not we have IT support available to help

Our Internet Guarantee

Part 1:We guarantee that not a single order from the My Little Wrapper web site will be handled and fulfilled centrally. All orders are passed out to our ‘wrappers’ around the country – people like you.
Part 2: We guarantee that the My Little Wrapper website will be working and fully operational for at least 97% of the time each month. (In truth it’s operated at well over 99% availability over the last 5 years and we expect that to continue).

These guarantees are only valid for purchases made after April 2013